Kids Go Digital

In this project our students work together with schools students and teachers to carry out classroom Projects using digital media (e.g. tablets, smartphones, apps, Internet). The objective is to provide students and teachers with knowledge and skills for an easy and daily use of digital media in the classroom.

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During the 1. Eichstätter Kids Go Digital Conference on July 14, 2017 students of the Grundschule am Graben in Eichstaett, the Grundschule Grossmehring and the Willibald Gymnasium Eichstaett presented their projects at the university. Here are links to media reports:

Pressestelle KUE ; ⇒ intv ; ⇒ Radio K1 ; ⇒ Eichstätter Kurier ; ⇒ Grund- und Mittelschule Großmehring

Related to this Project there is a cooperation with the Australian Catholic University (ACU), Campus Melbourne and Sydney. More Information here.


 The Kids Go Digital Project received the Bayerische Pädagogikpreis des BLLV - 17.04.2018
BLLV ; ⇒ Eichstätter Kurier ; ⇒ mk online ;  ⇒ KU Eichstätt-Ingolstadt
On July 16, 2018 the 2. Eichstätter Kids Go Digital Conference took place. Students of the Grundschule am Graben in Eichstaett, Grundschule Großmehring and Grundschule Treuchtlingen presented their projects carried out with primary teacher students of the Catholic University Eichstaett-Ingolstadt.